One-Day Art Sale for Patty Pansing Brooks

1624 S. 17th St., Lincoln, NE
Patty Pansing Brooks
This event has already taken place.
You're invited to a One-Day Arts Sale to support the congressional campaign of Patty Pansing Brooks!
This event will be open to the public. We are currently inviting artists to submit artwork for the show. See details below!
Create a new work of art to support a phenomenal candidate for congress!
We ask that the proceeds go directly to Patty Pansing Brooks for Congress. You won't be getting a proceed, but you'll be making an incredible contribution to her becoming Nebraska's next Congresswoman.
To participate, you must create a new piece. It could be a drawing, fabric, a photograph or anything layered. We Suggest 11" x 12" and must weigh less than 3lbs; we will mount it in the studio using magnets. In other words, you don't need to frame it!
This studio is for magnet-hung images only.
The deadline for submission is Sept. 27.
Keep your prices as low as possible, so people can purchase them. We suggest each piece go for $250 - but you may price it however you feel is right.
Date: To get your contributions in time send them by September 27th.
Send them to Susan Wood, 2800 Woods Blvd. Apt 1008, Lincoln, Nebraska, 68502 [email protected]
Telephone: (402) 419-6207

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