Candidate Resources

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Important: Review Candidate Filing Dates

LCDP is committed to working with candidates and their teams to elect Democrats across the county.  Our volunteers will coordinate with each campaign’s team to manage and participate in party canvassing efforts, phone banking, and direct mail campaigns on behalf of all endorsed candidates. Our monthly meetings are designed to familiarize ourselves with all candidates to facilitate intra-campaign coordination and provide information on upcoming events which can provide valuable networking opportunities. Lancaster County Democratic Party does not donate to Democratic candidates. The party provides resources to Democratic candidates.

What we can offer you:

  • Use of office space for phone banking or field staff training
  • Central pick-up point for voters
    • Literature
    • Yard signs
    • Swag
  • Promotion on social media
  • Votebuilder (VAN)
    • Access assistance
    • Training for you and your team
    • Individual support
  • Connections to volunteers, staff, and vendors
  • Guidance on obtaining endorsements
  • Guidance on legal requirements for mailings, signage, etc.
  • Guidance on financial disclosure requirements 
  • Networking opportunities
  • Visibility Events
    • Parades
    • Festivals/Community Events
    • Candidate Forums and Rallies

What we ask of you:

  • Attend at least one LCDP Central Committee meeting early in campaign
  • Attend at least one LCDP fundraising event
  • Attend one or more LCDP events that provide an opportunity to speak to voters

Meet your Campaign Services Committee Volunteers and RSVP to our monthly meetings!

For more information, See 2022 LCDP Bylaws, Article 4 Section G

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National Democratic Training Committee provides free training for Democrats who want to run, work, or volunteer on campaigns.

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Interested in serving our community, the following links are a few of the many resources to check out.  

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