Gaylor Baird trounces Lamm in Mayor’s race

Democrats made a strong showing in Tuesday’s City of Lincoln election, retaining control of the Mayor’s office plus keeping — and likely expanding — their majority on the City Council.

In the race for Mayor, Democrat Leirion Gaylor Baird beat Republican Cyndi Lamm by a 54 -45 percent margin.

“Voters resoundingly embraced Leiron Gaylor Baird’s long service to the community and her progressive vision for the city of Lincoln,” said NDP Chair Jane Kleeb. “And voters wisely rejected Cyndi Lamm’s reckless pro-Trump agenda and hurtful rhetoric.”

The City Council, which had a 4-3 majority of Democrats heading into the election, will pick the successor to fill Gaylor Baird’s at-large council seat until the 2021 election.That likely will give the Democrats a 5-2 majority.

Read the Nebraska Democratic Party article.

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