A Letter from Chair Janet Chung


I have submitted my resignation as Lancaster County Democratic Party Chair. It's been an honor to serve this all-volunteer organization for the past four years. Our focus has been to elect candidates, organize volunteers and

fundraise for activities. We have the best volunteers working to elect people who care about our community. 

I was not planning to run for another term and I was looking for a new challenge. Watch for an announcement soon. Per the bylaws, Associate Chair Eric Reiter will assume the Chair's position, until the convention in March when officers will be elected for the next two years.

Because you volunteered and donated; Lincoln has a Democratic Mayor, majority on the County Board and City Council. In the 2021 city election, every Democrat on the ballot was elected to City Council and Lincoln Public School Board. Your help is needed to continue the momentum in 2022. Join me in supporting their activities by attending Central Committee meetings 7 pm on the third Tuesdays. If you can’t make the meetings, sign up to volunteer to write postcards, call voters or talk to neighbors. See details www.LancasterCountyDemocrats.org

Thank you for your continued support.



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