A statement from NDP Chair Jane Kleeb on the U.S. Senate race

A statement from Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb on the U.S. Senate race:

The Nebraska Democratic Party's State Executive Committee voted last night to support Brad Ashford as the write-in candidate if Janicek does not remove his

name from the ballot by Sept. 1, 2020. If Chris does remove his name, then the Democratic Party will proudly submit Alisha Shelton's name to be our nominee. Alisha cannot serve as the write-in candidate because of what is often to referred to as the "sore loser" law in our state that prohibits anyone who ran in the primary to also run as write-in for the general election. Read the full statement.

Update: NDP Chair Kleeb responds to Ashford’s decision to not run as write-in candidate in U.S. Senate race. Read the Aug. 27 statement.

Update: Nebraska Democratic Party Ready to Offer Voters a Choice to Defeat Ben Sasse. Read the Aug. 31

Nebraska Democratic Party posted (Sept. 4) they will announce the write-in candidate next week.

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