Statement from Sen. Kate Bolz on Jeff Fortenberry's False Attack Ads

I don't like that it is necessary to call a press conference to address false claims and misinformation spread by a sitting member of Congress. However, I respect Nebraska voters enough to tell them the truth.

Jeff Fortenberry's decision to run a campaign built on misinformation and misdirection reflects the values he has learned over his sixteen years in Washington.

His choice to lie and scare voters highlight what we've known all along; Jeff Fortenberry does not want this election to be about the issues that matter to Nebraskans. That's why has has worked harder to discredit me than he ever has in Congress.

The Congressman is uninterested in discussing the issue that is top of mind for Nebraskans during a global pandemic - health care. He told the people of Nebraska that fighting for affordable health care and lower prescription costs were "boring" when asked.

See full statement.

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