Citizens’ Group Opposes Unfair Mayoral Term Limits Ballot Issue

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Citizens’ Group Opposes Unfair Mayoral Term Limits Ballot Issue

“Fair Elections Lincoln” Campaign Committee Formed

 A bipartisan citizens’ coalition today announced the formation of the “Fair Elections Lincoln” campaign committee to oppose mayoral term limits scheduled for the November ballot. The chairs of the committee are State Senator Kate Bolz; business owner Robert Duncan, a registered Independent; and attorney Steve Seglin, a registered Republican.

“Fair Elections Lincoln stands for fair elections because that’s what democracy is about:  a fair, impartial ballot that allows the people to change leadership when they want a change in policy,” Bolz said.  “The effort to change the rules in the middle of the game and disqualify Mayor Beutler from the ballot only eight months before the vote is not fair.”

Bolz said she personally does not support term limits. “As a State Senator, I see the impact term limits have on the body of the legislature. It takes away the opportunity for the most qualified individuals to be able to serve. It reduces critical institutional knowledge.  And worst of all, it gives more power to special interest groups.”

Duncan supports term limits if instituted fairly. “On the corporate board of my company, we have implemented term limits to encourage new ideas and new ways of doing business,” he said.  “Despite my support of term limits, I strongly oppose the mayoral term limits ballot issue. We need to allow the spring mayoral elections to proceed without disqualifying Mayor Beutler. After the mayoral election is over, we can amend the charter to allow for term limits for all elected officials in Lincoln, including City Council members, if the community thinks that is the best course for the future.”

Seglin, said he decided to get involved because, “when you see something wrong, you have an obligation to say something. I appreciate the opportunity to address the public on an issue which is important to our city’s future and involves fundamental fairness in the election process.”

Bolz said if the proponents of the initiative really cared about the elections, they would have waited until next year. “Instead, they are tampering with a mayor’s race to give an advantage to their candidate,” she said. “If they really cared about term limits, they would have included them on City Council members as well.”

Mayor Beutler said the remarks from the committee chairs are representative of what he is hearing from residents. “Some support term limits, some don’t,” he said.  “Some support my re-election. Some tell me they never voted for me and never will. But what they all have in common is a commitment to fair and unbiased elections. They do not believe that term limits should be hijacked by political parties and used a partisan weapon right before the Mayor’s election. They think that what is happening isn’t fair and it isn’t right.”

Beutler thanked the coalition members and the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, which recently announced its opposition to the ballot measure.

“The November election is a referendum on fair play, on whether Lincoln adopts the win-at-all-costs mentality that too often defines our national politics,” Mayor Beutler said. “I believe that Lincoln residents want more for their community.  And I am confident they will vote for electoral integrity and defeat the Mayoral term limits ballot issue.”

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Lincoln Chamber Opposes Mayoral Term Limits Ballot Measure

The Lincoln Chamber  provided the statement "We oppose this ballot measure because it offends our sense of fair play. The retroactive feature simply set off our fairness meter. citizens need to give this serious consideration, especially since this would be placed in our Charter," Wendy Birdsall 


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