Lancaster County Is A Blue Dot!

In this 2018 General Election, Nebraska had a record number of Democrats running and an amazing state-wide slate of candidates. They put up a good fight against well-funded Republican incumbents/candidates.

According to Nebraska Democratic Party “Nebraska Democrats made significant gains in the Legislature during Tuesday’s General election — flipping three seats from the GOP — and Lancaster County became Nebraska’s new “Blue Dot” as Democrats won every single Legislative seat that was up in the Capital city as well as every county race that a Democrat ran in.” Read the news release.

Congrats to first-time elected representatives in these county-wide races:

  • Rachel Garver For Lancaster County Treasurer. Rachel is the first woman elected as Lancaster County treasurer and will become the first Democrat to serve in that office in almost 40 years.
  • Congrats to Sean Flowerday and Rick Vest, two Democrats who were elected to the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners. Democrats will re-gain the majority on the Board of Commissioners, which was last done in 1990s.
Don Walton, Lincoln Journal Star, wrote "voters in Lincoln and Omaha rejected the re-election bids of Gov. Pete Ricketts, Sen. Deb Fischer, Rep. Jeff Fortenberry and Rep. Don Bacon, all Republicans who were re-elected either statewide or in their congressional districts." Read the article: 

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped our amazing candidates during the mid-terms. Your Lancaster County Democratic Party conducts activities to help candidates, elected officials and voters. We knocked doors, called and texted Democrats to remind them to vote.

People are showing up who have never participated in political activities. Whether you're helping with activities, or attending to support us, there's plenty to do. We're working on our annual Chili Cook-off fundraiser on Dec. 9 and holiday party on Dec. 18.

Your donation helps us to pay for our office and activities to support Democratic candidates and elected officials. Please consider signing up for a monthly donation. Every donation, no matter how small, is important to us.

Every person is needed as we prepare for 2020. Volunteer or donate at Thank you for your time and support.

See you soon!

Janet Chung

Lancaster County Chair

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