Democratic 2020 Presidential Candidates

Lancaster County will probably not get any materials or yard signs from candidates until summer of 2020. If you'd like candidate materials or info, please contact the campaign. Websites for candidates running for Democratic

nomination in 2020:

Michael Bennet:
Joe Biden:
Cory Booker:
Steve Bullock:
Pete Buttigieg:
Julian Castro:
Bill de Blasio:
John Delaney:
Tulsi Gabbard:
Kirsten Gillibrand:
Mike Gravel:
Kamala Harris:
John Hickenlooper:
Jay Inslee:
Amy Klobuchar:
Wayne Messam:
Seth Moulton:
Beto O’Rourke:
Tim Ryan:
Bernie Sanders:
Eric Swalwell:
Tom Steyer:
Elizabeth Warren:
Marianne Williamson:
Andrew Yang:
  1. Talk to your neighbors (Democrats/independents) about voting, sign up to be a Block Captain. 
  2. Call or text people to remind them to vote. Volunteer.
Attend our meetings to hear how you can support local candidates who will eventually run for regional or state-wide offices. We are an all-volunteer organization. Help elect Democrats, volunteer. Read our email, sign up.

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