Volunteer Opps: Call voters, put flyers on doors, put up yard signs, etc.

CALL VOTERS from home.

  • All you need is a phone and email/internet access. We’ll send you an email with the script and call list. Call when you can (between 10 am-5 pm).
  • We're working with the NDP to call voters every night, 5-8 pm, until
the election.  Join our zoom for an hour, call as long as you can.

Campaigns may also offer the opportunity to put flyers on doors.


Civic Nebraska Seeks Non-partisan Election Observers.

Civic Nebraska is a non-profit organization that builds youth civic leadership, promotes civic health, and protects voting rights. Civic Nebraska seeks volunteers for non-partisan election observers on Nov. 3, 2020. See more, sign up.

Biden/Harris signs are available.

Donate $20 and we'll reserve a sign for you. We'll confirm receipt of your donation by email. You can also check with Nebraska Democratic Party office on SECOND FLOOR. Local candidates will not order more signs.

See General Election Nov. 3, 2020.

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