Lancaster County Turns Out for Joe Biden

Lancaster County’s blue dot streak continues in the November 3, 2020 election. A New York Times article (December 7, 2020), listed Lincoln’s metro area as one of the largest swings from 2016 to 2020. Lancaster County gave Joe Biden

and Kamala Harris 52.8% of the vote. We are proud that, in the midst of a deeply red state, Lancaster County stands for Democratic values.

State Sen. Kate Bolz came up short in her bid to prevent a ninth term for Rep. Jeff Fortenberry to Nebraska's First Congressional District. Bolz ran a competitive campaign during the pandemic and engaged new volunteers and supporters who were tired of seeing the incumbent vote to take their healthcare.

Congratulations to Anna Wishart and Eliot Bostar (Nebraska Legislature), Patsy Koch Johns (State Board of Education), Christa Yoakum (County Board of Commissioners), Mary Harding (Nebraska Public Power District), Mike DeKalb, Gary Aldridge, John Yoakum, Chelsea Johnson, Christine Lamberty, Lisa Lewis (Lower Platte South Natural Resources District), William Gerdes (Waverly Mayor), Robin Kappler (Waverly School Board), Rhonda Burbach (Norris School Board), Amy Spellman (Malcolm School Board), Jaimi Calfee (Palmyra School Board), James Kaiser (Davey Board of Trustees), Amanda Fangmeier (Denton Board of Trustees), Mike Faubion (Malcolm Board of Trustees), Janice Hart (Panama Board of Trustees), and Ralph Anderson (Roca Board of Trustees).

We thank all of the Democratic candidates who stepped up to run for office. Thank you for your service to our community.

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