Lancaster County Democratic Party Opposes Recall Petitions

The Lancaster County Democratic Party opposes the recall initiative and supports the Mayor and the City Council in their efforts to protect the health of Lincoln’s population during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Central Committee

met Nov. 17 to discuss and approve the resolution.

Bipartisan Group Opposes Recall Petitions

Decline to Sign is a bipartisan group opposing the efforts of LNK Recall, a small group of residents who disagree with the Mayor's and City Council's public health decisions in the midst of a global pandemic. They are anti-mask, anti-health, and, in the press conference to kick off their effort, even dismissed the pandemic as a 'boogeyman.' See Decline to Sign website.

The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors opposes the recall effort.

“The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors very much appreciate the continued leadership of Mayor Gaylor Baird during this pandemic. We also thank our other elected leaders on the city council, the county board and school board for their efforts working collaboratively with Director Lopez and her team at the health department to protect the public's health.

The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors opposes efforts to recall Mayor Gaylor Baird and Councilmembers Raybould, Ward, Meginnis and Bowers. We believe recalling elected officials should only be reserved for egregious violations of the public trust. This attempt to recall the Mayor and four district councilmembers is not only unwarranted, it would be detrimental to our community's public health while also hindering economic recovery efforts.” Read the full statement.

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