How Redistricting Affected Lancaster County

Three rural state senators who live in other counties, now represent voters in the City of Lincoln (pop. 289,000+) in Lancaster County.

  • Sen. Rob Clements, District 2, lives in Elmwood (pop. 667), in Cass County.
  • Sen. Myron Dorn, District 30, lives in Adams (pop. 580), in Gage County.
  • Sen. Tom Brandt, District 32, lives in Plymouth (pop. 409), in Jefferson County.
  • The day after redistricting was completed, Sen. Clements joined the Nebraska Freedom Coalition in calling for an audit of Nebraska's election; specifically two counties, Douglas and Sarpy. The coalition is asking for a state-backed effort, checking both ballots and software. Read 3NewsNow article.

    Clements also signed an email to fellow senators asking them to support legislation banning government and educational entities in Nebraska from installing COVID-19 vaccine mandates. A similar ban signed into law in Iowa has prompted an ongoing legal battle with the ACLU of Iowa and a mother in Council Bluffs. Read WOWT article.

    Michelle Bates and Sarah Slattery are running to represent District 2. See candidates.

    Do you have a new state senator because of redistricting? Find your senator. 

    Lancaster County Election office will send postcards to registered voters to inform them what legislative district and other political subdivisions they're in and where they need to cast their votes for the May 10 primary election. See Journal Star article.

    Talk to your neighbors, write postcards, attend candidate events, more. Volunteer.

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