What You Need to Know About Election 'Canvassers'

People have started showing up on Nebraskans’ front doorsteps, asking about how they voted in the 2020 general election. Both the 

target="_blank" >media and Civic Nebraska's Election Protection Line, have received reports of door-to-door efforts in Omaha, Lincoln, and Kearney in October.

It’s highly probable that they’re tied (officially or unofficially) to an ongoing, well-funded effort to perpetuate long-debunked claims of voter fraud in the 2020 election

You are never required to provide personal information or details about how you voted to anyone. 

Report this activity, call Civic Nebraska’s Election Protection Line 402-890-5291 or Lancaster Co. Election office 402-441-7311.

Civic Nebraska is a nonpartisan nonprofit that creates a more modern, robust democracy for all Nebraskans via youth civic leadership programs, civic health efforts, and voting rights initiatives. See full Civic Nebraska article.

Who has raised $31.5 million  through text and email appeals for an “election defense fund?”

Save America Pac told “supporters he needed money to challenge the result of an election he clearly lost, and then wound up not spending nothing any on litigation last year. See article.

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